Xpert Pro Naturdesignböden

Xpert Pro natural design flooring is a more affordable alternative to hardwood flooring. The floors are climate neutral, restored from reclaimed wood and locally sourced materials. The floor gets its natural look from the authentic surface texture. The extra matte texture makes the floor look especially close to real wood.

Easy installation
The planks are quick and easy to install with a simple drop-down click system. They can be interlocked longitudinally, face-to-face, vertically and horizontally without sacrificing any of the features. The floor is completely seamless with no height differences. The permanent anti-static also provides easy cleaning of dust and dirt even in the bevel. Click here for detailed installation instructions.

Worry-free floor: scratch, impact and water resistant
The laminate is particularly strong, resistant and scratch-resistant. Therefore, the design floor is designed for all the demands of everyday life: Children, pets, high heels, falling objects, parties and UV light cannot harm the laminate. Thanks to Aqua Protect technology, the floor is waterproof and suitable for any room, including bathrooms and kitchens. The ultimate edge protector protects the floor so that swelling or standing edges are avoided. Damp wiping with plenty of water is therefore possible without any problems.

The beauty of nature
Patented NEXT TECH Innovation embossing technology creates extra matte textures to look as close as possible to real wood. The wood texture even continues into the joints, just like real parquet. The extra wear-resistant overlay encloses the entire surface.

Climate-neutral and healthy
The high-quality design floor is produced with respect for people and the environment. To this end, Xpert invests in energy-efficient production methods and manufactures the floors from carefully selected and recyclable raw materials. Xpert's design floors are manufactured in a climate-neutral way as well as restored from reclaimed wood and locally sourced materials.