Simple installation

You can install XpertPro® in next to no time. Roll the laminate together or simply press them together. Each system ensures a firm and seamless transition.

Clicking is simple with Clickx®


Clickx® is sturdy, reliable and userfriendly. With this easy system, the planks roll together smoothly, producing a strong and seamless laminate floor. Clickx® ensures fast installation. What’s more, you can easily take the laminate apart and re-install it afterwards.

Press the planks together with FXP®


FXP® raises ease of installation to a new level. All you have to do is ‘press’ the planks into place, holding the ends together. The clip in the laminate plank ensures that the short sides fasten together immediately, resulting in a strong and seamless joint.

Drying time screed


The screed must have fully dried out before a XpertPro laminate floor can be laid. The drying time depends on the thickness of the screed. As a general rule for the

drying time we can say:

• 1 week per cm to a thickness of 4 cm

• 2 weeks per cm for the part thicker than 4 cm

Example: for screed 6 cm thick the total drying time amounts to: (4 cm x 1 week) + (2 cm x 2 weeks) = 8 weeks.

To be fully sure that the screed has completely dried out it is recommended to measure the humidity of the screed.

Laying laminate around radiator pipes